MTWH announces the entry of FLORENRADICA into the Group

A company specialising in woodworking and modern 3D printing techniques. At Florenradica, craftsmanship and a drive for technological innovation coexist.

MTWH enriches the wide range of services offered to luxury brands.

MTWH announces that METALSTUDIO and METALPRECIOUS have joined the Group

MTWH completes the acquisition of the Metalstudio e Group
doubles its turnover. Egidio Salvini, owner and
founder of the Metalstudio Group, also assumes the position
of President of MTWH.


From 19 to 21 September 2023
MTWH will present the FW24.25 collection
at the International Leather Fair Lineapelle.

MTWH Metalworks obtains ISO14001 certification

Committed to the highest social and environmental standards at every level, MTWH is proud to announce that Metalworks in May 2023 obtained ISO14001 certification from DNV.

Refinement and savoir faire showcased at Lineapelle Milan

MTWH will be present at the February edition of Lineapelle Milan – 21/23 February 2023 – with its latest 2024 summer season collection.

The new collection, showcased at Première Vision Paris

From 7 to 9 February 2023 MTWH will present the SS24 collection, rich in superlative creative inspiration.

MTWH announces it joins FIXO Group

MTWH announces it has joined FIXO Group, the Padua-based company with over thirty years of experience in the design and production of small metal objects (rivets, eyelets, accessories and buttons), mainly for the fashion and sports sector.

R.E.M. PROJECT: our favourite colour is recycled

Supports for the assembly of lettering will be made using 100% recycled nylon from production scraps; previously white, the colour will now depend on the provenance of material.

Mengoni & Nassini of MTWH obtain ISO14001 certification

Committed to achieving the highest social and environmental standards at all levels, MTWH is proud to announce that Mengoni & Nassini was awarded ISO14001 certification by BNV in June 2022.

Next stop: Lineapelle, Milan

MTWH will present its latest collection at the international fair of leather, accessories, parts, fabrics, synthetic materials and models.

MTWH will be at Première Vision, Paris

MTWH will be at Première Vision from 5 to 7 July to present its latest collection of luxury accessories, enriched with innovation and exceptional inspiration.