Special applications

Digital Printing

A process for customising previously treated and finished surface graphics or drawings with logos. Both flat and relief prints can be made using modern technologies.

Digital Printing . Laser engraving
Rhinestone application . Marking
Enamelling . Binding
Hand painting . Inlaying

Laser engraving

"Engraving" means the removal of material from an object in its raw state. The procedure involves the use of a laser beam to remove material deep down.

Rhinestone application

The application of decorative elements, like rhinestones, stones or other, to decorate and embellish items.


Precise and meticulous removal of the surface layer of a material. A laser beam is used to create refined contrast colour effects while maintaining a very high line definition.


A decorative technique used to adorn and embellish. Rich and colourful aesthetic results can be achieved thanks to the extensive range of glazes available.


A mechanical or manual process of covering the surface of an accessory in full or in part, with leather or fabric.

Hand painting

Hand painting is one of the most ancient artistic techniques and requires a high degree of skill and precision. Expert hands bestow unique value upon the object, which exudes artisan appeal.


A manual technique involving the slotting together of elements of various materials, shapes and colours on a single surface to make ornamental drawings.