Collection and archive

Twice a year MTWH creates collections that capture the latest and coolest fashion trends. It also has an extensive archive (collections of photographs, 3D drawings and samples) to inspire any type of research and exploration.

Collection and archive. Design
Prototyping . Creation of moulds
Stereotypes and cutting dies . Product compliance
Application on semi-finished products . Technical support


MTWH accompanies the client from concept right through to finished item, providing comprehensive support every step of the way.


The first prototypes are made using sophisticated 3D printers. Two or three days after submitting the sketch, the brand can already see and touch the accessory so as to assess its aesthetic and functional aspects.

Creation of moulds

Moulds required for production are made by specialised workshops at each company.

Stereotypes and cutting dies

Laser incision and electroerosion are techniques applied by an MTWH department specially equipped for the creation of stereotypes, leather and metal punches and cutting dies.

Product compliance

MTWH operates its very own analysis laboratory so that its clients can run product conformity tests internally as well as at external certified laboratories.

Applications on semi-finished products

MTWH operates with an entire department focused on the application of accessories (lettering, studs, etc.) onto garments or semi-finished products. The high professionalism of operators and specifically developed machinery ensure fixing stands the test of time while also conserving the quality of leathers and fabrics.

Technical support

Specialised operators also support the client in the after-sales phase, ensuring prompt on site consultation in Italy and abroad.