MTWH Group

Leader nella lavorazione di metalli dal 1974 Metalstudio si colloca tra le aziende migliori al mondo per la cura del dettaglio e l'utilizzo delle tecnologie più avanzate.

Qualificata dal 1984 nella lavorazione dell'ottone, nei recenti anni Mengoni&Nassini ha acquisito importante esperienza anche nell'acciaio. The company supplies top luxury brands.

Fixo has consolidated its positioning in the fashion and sports sectors, with the design and production of small metal items. Its product offering includes: eyelets, rivets, jeans buttons and press studs.

Based in the heart of Paris, the fashion and luxury capital, the MTWH sales office works every day to provide clients in the territory with an excellent service.

Specialised in the production of zamak, nylon, ABS and polyester items, Metalworks owns various lettering patents that ensure rapid and precise applications.

Dal 1990 FGF assiste i propri clienti nella realizzazione di accessori in zama di altissima qualità. It distinguishes itself in the leatherwear and footwear sectors.

A company renowned for its wood processing and new 3D printing techniques. Dal 2014 in Florenradica innovazione e artigianato si fondono a servizio del mondo dell’alta moda.

Dal 2012 un Buying Office ad Hong Kong gestisce le produzioni asiatiche nel polo di Dongguan. Un team italo-cinese di tecnici assicura un ottimale livello di servizio al mercato europeo.

MTWH offre una rete commerciale che oltrepassa i confini nazionali.
Un ufficio commerciale a Parigi e un distretto produttivo ad Hong Kong conferiscono al Gruppo una dimensione internazionale.




Internationally acclaimed companies, globally recognised by the fashion world as partners of excellence for the creation of luxury accessories.
Both operate with a team of 300 professionals who are committed to providing the customer with the best service.
Highly competitive quality, prices and promptness: Metalstudio and Metal Precious epitomise our signature all-Italian excellence.



A leading manufacturer of zamak and plastic material accessories, including nylon, ABS and methacrylate.
Thanks to its internal processes the MW product offering is extensive and entirely Made in Italy. It includes buttons, buckles, cord locks, studs and zip pulls, embellished by multiple static and barrel galvanic finishing treatments.



Mengoni&Nassini produces custom brass and steel accessories for the luxury industry.
An expert in the art of gold smithery, it makes elegant jewellery and accessories for leatherwear, apparel and footwear.
Thanks to cutting edge R&D, this trailblazing company operates with an important MIM plant.



FGF provides clients with high quality zamak products, delivered with a rapid and punctual service.
Thanks to its high level of technical know-how it is specialised in the production of complex accessories like fastenings and snap-hooks.
A partner recognised by top brands of the luxury leather and footwear sector.



FIXO designs and produces small metal details and items for major international brands.
With its expertise in the processing of brass, zamak and steel, it has developed an offering of meticulously detailed and customisable accessories.
Specialised in the deep drawing process, its product offering includes: eyelets, rivets, jeans buttons and pressure heads.



A company specialised in wood processing and new 3D printing techniques.
In Florenradica, craftsmanship and a drive for technological innovation coexist.
3D printing developed at Florenradica breaks down all sorts of creative limits, leaving room for craftsmanship and customisation applicable to both accessories and design objects.



MTWH has opened a sales office in Paris, the fashion capital of the world.
Just around the corner from the Louvre, the optimally located MTWH PARIS office serves all its clients with care and dedication.
Now present in France, MTWH delivers a rapid and effective service.


Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Buying Office manages production in the Far East.
An Italian-Chinese team of technicians and professionals oversee all aspects in the production of steel, brass and zamak items and accessories.
Italian design and industrialisation together with on site control ensure a high level of service and reliability.