The finest experiences and Italian artisan traditions converge in MTWH, where ideas and projects become elegant accessories for leatherwear, footwear and apparel.

Top accessory manufacturing companies work together to provide solutions for fashion brands.

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Specialised in brass creations, in recent years Mengoni&Nassini have also developed a significant expertise in steel. The company supplies top luxury brands. Eccelle nelle tecniche orafe per la realizzazione di gioielli e bijoux.

Fixo has consolidated its positioning in the fashion and sports sectors, with the design and production of small metal items. Its product offering includes: eyelets, rivets, jeans buttons and press studs.

Based in the heart of Paris, the fashion and luxury capital, the MTWH sales office works every day to provide clients in the territory with an excellent service.

Specialised in the production of zamak, nylon, ABS and polyester items, Metalworks owns various lettering patents that ensure rapid and precise applications.

FGF assists its clients in the creation of high quality zamak accessories. It distinguishes itself in the leatherwear and footwear sectors.

A company renowned for its wood processing and new 3D printing techniques. Abile nella lavorazione del legno, materiali naturali e resine affianca oggi le più prestigiose case di moda.

Alla sede di Hong Kong, hub commerciale del Gruppo, si affianca il polo produttivo di Dongguan. Validi team di tecnici operano nelle aree asiatiche a supporto della nostra clientela.

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